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Hey there, welcome to ShareMarket.Guru. My name is Azhar Jafri and I started this site last year with a friend, Ankit Prakash Gupta aka APG. Both of us are graduates from IIM Bangalore and shared the same love for food and stocks. During our investing journey, we have learnt a lot by reading, experiences, success and failures. And we would share the same with you through this site. Though the website name might sound strange at first. But, the choice of the name was more of an economical decision as it was one of the cheaper domain names available. So, we learnt to live with it 🙂

This site was started as a platform to help retail investors understand the equity markets better and create wealth over the long term. I had seen a lot of retail investors buying stocks on junk SMS recommendations or other penny stocks and losing money. Then, there were others who ended up losing money in Futures and Options. All of this could be attributed to a lack of resources available to the retail investor.

That was when we started this site with the intent of educating people about stock markets. We believe that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Instead, you teach him fishing, you feed him for a lifetime. Hence, the idea is not to give you tips or stock recommendations. Actually, we would never recommend any stocks to you. Instead, we would provide you all the resources including fundamental and technical analysis courses, online tools, templates, stock news, detailed IPO and stock analysis. This will help you find, evaluate and buy stocks that fit your portfolio. 

To start with, you can subscribe to the site. By subscribing, you would receive our notifications for all new posts and a free guide to Winning in Stock Market. 

Looking forward to learn and earn with you. And all the best to you for investing wisely in the stock market and create wealth.



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